We invite you to join our community website, connect with friends, share and discover the story of Verbier and the Val de Bagnes.

Help build the Archive by sharing your digital content (photo, video, audio, print).  

The Group function enables you to create or join Groups for interests or activities. Groups can be Public or Private. You can invite friends to join, post, comment and add photos.

The Shop features the work of local creatives which is available to purchase to add a touch of mountain ambience to your home or office!

Here are some guidelines:

1. Enjoy!

Discover the platform through its content, galleries and members.  You can browse by decade, activity & media. Use the Search function to search by Year, names etc.

2. Uploading Content  is simple

  • click on the ‘Archive’ tab on the top navigation bar
  • selectthe ‘Upload to Archive‘ option
  • add a title
  • upload your file
  • add more files to the gallery, if appropriate
  • select the decade, then ‘activity’ from the dropdown options
  • in the ‘Copyright’ box indicate who is the ‘author’
  • add tags from the selection offered, or add your own using the + option
  • indicate if you are the author or you have permission to share
  • add the exact year, if you know it
  • add a description of your Content, which may be a story, details of the content, or ‘who, what, when, why and where’

NB only certain formats can be uploaded– for example for Photos: .jpg or .png formats only.

Please let us know if you have difficulty and can offer any feedback.

3. Who – what – when – why – where?

When uploading your content, please add helpful information.

Who is in the picture? Indicate this in the Title or in its Description. Please be respectful of GDPR and that some of your friends prefer to be private.

What is the content about?

When was this photo taken?  You must select the Decade, but you can identify the Year in the Year field. Look at your photo, you may find a detail that will help.

Why was this photo taken? You may have a memory or an anecdote to add in the Description.

Where was the photo taken? Location is useful information.

5.  Help is Available

Our web editor and our moderators are here to help. Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

6. Copyright…

Documents published on are subject to copyright. This means that you must be the author or entitled to the content you share. This seems obvious since you are the custodian of your photos. But there are also old documents& photos that are free of legal restriction which are in the public domain.

Please also see our Terms & Conditions.

7. Accuracy

We are sure that you appreciate the need for accuracy. Please check what you are posting. But feel free to express yourself!

9. Be an ambassador

Please let your family & friends know about Notre | Our Verbier. The more members we have contributing to the site the better the archive. It is a way to support your own commitment and that of the entire community.

Thank you!

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