Activity: Village Life

Article about Dr Hicam el Ghaoui of MediBagnes, Verbier, deployment to Gaza with Medecins sans Frontieres
Tony McLaughlin working in the shop
Left Amelie Filliez holding Philippe May (2024 Director of ESSV), on right Lucy Baiffard holding Eddy (owner Chez Eddy- Raclette House) Bruson 1971
Postcard from Camille to Maurice Filliez, Bruson Bagnes from the Montreux Palace Hotel. No date, but probably between 1915 and 1920 Y
Postcard to Maurice Filliez (great grandfather of Philippe May) from Camille (not sure of last name) from a hotel in London (we think Maurice worked there a few years based on other papers) Dated 16 August 1915. Great old connection between England and the Val de Bagnes!
I actually thought this postcard was from 1918, but then noticed the 13. So the date is actually 19 August 1913.
This is a fairly large photo I found. (About 8×10 inches) Philippe says the date on the back is 19, so I’m assuming 1919 which seems correct by the clothing and another postcard from 1918 I found along with it which I’ll send momentarily
A joint birthday bash & season opener downstairs at the Pub MontFort
Eva Lemon Hartung, flanked by Jonny Hillman & Rupert Wiggins. Eva was the first female bartender at the Pub.
Marko’s photos of Ski Service’s 50th birthday party. The business was started in 1973 by Dale Anderson & Jack Kregas. It is still going strong.

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