Contributor: Philippe May

Left Amelie Filliez holding Philippe May (2024 Director of ESSV), on right Lucy Baiffard holding Eddy (owner Chez Eddy- Raclette House) Bruson 1971
Postcard from Camille to Maurice Filliez, Bruson Bagnes from the Montreux Palace Hotel. No date, but probably between 1915 and 1920 Y
Postcard to Maurice Filliez (great grandfather of Philippe May) from Camille (not sure of last name) from a hotel in London (we think Maurice worked there a few years based on other papers) Dated 16 August 1915. Great old connection between England and the Val de Bagnes!
I don’t understand the date on the back of this one. Nor do I know who it is. But we have the bicycle, which Philippe’s mom always told us was one of the first bicycles in Bagnes. I also have the license plates for the bike and if I remember […]
Cabane Val Des Dix Probably 1920 or so, found with cards of that era
I actually thought this postcard was from 1918, but then noticed the 13. So the date is actually 19 August 1913.
This is a fairly large photo I found. (About 8×10 inches) Philippe says the date on the back is 19, so I’m assuming 1919 which seems correct by the clothing and another postcard from 1918 I found along with it which I’ll send momentarily
General view of Val de Bagnes. Postcard to Amelie Filliez (Philippe May’s Grandmother) I think the year may be from 1927
View of Montagnier including La Providence
Cbane de Chanrion looking towards the other Mt Gelé on the Swiss/Italian border

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