Decade: 1970

For full article see: Article courtesyof Association Remontees Mecaniques Année de construction : 1970 Année de fin de service en : 2011 Remplacé par l’appareil suivant : TSD6B Mayentzet
Ulf took this photo during the European cup in Verbier and it ended up in Powder magazine, so it must be from the season 79
Left Amelie Filliez holding Philippe May (2024 Director of ESSV), on right Lucy Baiffard holding Eddy (owner Chez Eddy- Raclette House) Bruson 1971
Jeannie Righton, sister of Maggie & Austen, died tragically early aged 67 following a massive stroke in South Africa on Tuesday April 13 2024. South Africa was her happy place and luckily it was quick. She first came to Verbier in 1975 to work as a chalet girl for Chris […]
Ulf looked in his archive and found some B/W from the 70s Verbier profiles, Marcus Bratter, Kevin and Marko Shapiro
1972-73 that’s me….outside our chalet at that time “Le Savoyard”…near Savoleyres
This is a shot from Marko Shapiro of the Volvo Ski Show finally jump at Les Ruinettes….around 1979. Featuring Walt Hiltner, Mike McIntyre, Mike Godfrey, Kerri Ballard, Freddy Wirth, Fredrick Andersson.

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