Lindsay Reuss 1997 Photos

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For full article: Artcile shared courtesy of Association Remontees Mecaniques Le funitel Croix des Ruinettes – Les Attelas, commercialement connu sous le nom de “Funispace”, est le deuxième funitel jamais construit, et le premier funitel de ce type construit par Garaventa, ainsi que le premier sur le sol suisse. Cet appareil est la deuxième […]
Photos from a Marko Shapiro slide show at Team Clambin’s base at Chalet Bellaluga, Clambin and also of Petey Pauling’s 40th birthday – a bit of a mix.
Not strictly Verbier as this was shot in Zermatt by Ace Kvale with John Falkiner as the ski stuntman. The story appeared in the February issue of Powder magazine but the iconic photo of John dropping from the heli has been seen countless times.

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