Contributor: Lindsay Reuss

Lindsay first came to Verbier in 1971 to work for Murison Small as a chalet host. She returned in the early 80s and has been in Verbier ever since. She is a serious botanist, has done a myriad of jobs – research assistant, cooking, hosting, ski instructor etc – and […]
Admission tickets from Lindsay Reuss’ 2010s scrapbook
Botza was established in Verbier to promote activities that would have a positive impact on the environment. Not sure if it still exists
Lindsay’s 1998 photos of the Xtreme and the Patrouille des Glaciers featuring photos of the Bronze medal winners – Henrietta, Fiona & Andrea
Lindsay’s 1997 photos – Telemark Day, Xtreme & a Grand St Bernard outing
Lindsay’s 1996 Photos: Carnival, World Cup Downhill, Xtreme, Cheese making, Grand Raid, Telemark Day
Lindsay’s 1989 photos including Pub MontFort ice hockey, World Parapente Championships
Photos of many Verbier people, April 1988. Kate Fletcher ran Chalet Naess for Arne Naess & Diana Ross
Various documents from Lindsay’s scrapbook including ski passes, articles etc
Lindsay’s 1980s scrapbook of tear sheets featuring, inter alia: Lucy Hutchison-Smith, Stefan Andersson, Walter Peter, Boozy, Nikki-Jane Oakeshott, Millie, Jenny, Derek, Rob Newhouse, Scott Nicholson, Kerry Trevella Hall, Heidi Rendall, Ace Kvale, Konrad Bartelski, Connie, Mark Steven, Tessa, Trevor Avedissian, Denis O’Brien, Jane Hartley, Colin Morrison, John Falkiner, Rupert Wiggins, […]
Lindsay is a serious botanist and gardener. Her knowledge of plants is extensive. This is a selection of her photos taken in the last decade.

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