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Sarah Ferguson found these post cards from her first visit to Verbier in 1961. “We stayed at the Hotel Grand Combin. The restaurant is Savoleyres. The view of Savoleyres is from Mont Gele. (I don’t know how to put an accute accent on that last e). The folding panorama -when […]
This should have been uploaded as a Document but we scanned it as a jpg, mea culpa. It is a fascinating history & details the story of Verbier up to 1985. The name ‘Verbier’ originates from ‘Ver-les-biez’, vers-les-bisses. The name Verbyer first appears in 1271. This book was kindly lent […]
The Pub Mont Fort is one of Verbier’s original bars. Since 1977 we have been serving great beers, wines, shakers and shots.

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